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Our Expertise

Portfolio Management

With a focus on advising our primary clients, Wildermuth Advisory believes the best way to increase the potential for long-term growth while reducing near-term volatility is through utilizing upper-tier traditional and non-traditional investments. We do this by providing insight and guidance on how to better diversify performance assets – those expected to provide long-term returns – away from solely U.S. stocks into a combination of assets with low (or lower) correlation with each other.

Traditional Assets

Wildermuth Advisory possesses extensive experience in creating and managing domestic and international equity strategies targeting various sectors, investment vehicles, and investment disciplines. Wildermuth Advisory manages individual equities with a focus on value, growth, and blend as well as large-, mid-, and small-capitalization.

In addition, the founder and team members’ experience living in Europe, Asia, and various emerging economies around the globe provide the firm with thought-provoking perspective when managing international portfolios. In most circumstances, the firm employs fundamental research to select individual securities domestically and abroad. Selective employment of ETFs may also be used to gain access to specific markets and/or also to reduce costs.

The team also provides fixed income management with an emphasis on diversification across different sectors, international opportunities, duration, and investment vehicles including individual bonds and ETFs.

Alternative Assets

Through extensive research and development, the financial professionals at Wildermuth Advisory have acquired broad depth of knowledge in the area of alternative investments, including but not limited to:

  • Real estate Natural resources
  • Oil and gas (drilling, royalty, dewatering, etc.)
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Numerous hedge fund styles and structures
  • Managed futures

The firm emphasizes utilization of the appropriate entity structures to maximize investment potential while most effectively working within the 1940 Act investment company structure.

Additionally, the team is constantly cultivating and growing relationships across the industry in an effort to increase understanding of potential opportunities and gain access to desirable offerings.