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About Us

Wildermuth Advisory, LLC is the adviser to Wildermuth Endowment Fund. Wildermuth Advisory CIO Daniel Wildermuth and his team of experts apply their extensive investment management experience to offer extensive investment advice in categories ranging from more traditional investments, such as equities and fixed income, to various alternative investment categories, such as real estate, natural resources, private equity, absolute return, and more.

Our Expertise

Our portfolio management services focus on advising our primary client on how we believe best to increase the potential for long-term growth while reducing near-term volatility through utilizing upper-tier traditional and non-traditional investments.

In this capacity, we provide direction on how to better diversify performance assets (assets expected to provide strong, long-term returns) away from solely U.S. stocks into a combination of assets with low (or lower) correlation with each other.

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Educational Materials

Wildermuth Advisory offers several educational materials to learn more.

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